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IRSA Winter Shootout - Recreational Soccer Tournament

The rules of this tournament shall be in accordance with USYSA and FYSA except as modified and approved herein.


TEAM ACCEPTANCE AND REFUNDS: - A team is only accepted when payment is received in full. There are no refunds for teams withdrawing after acceptance.


1. TEAM ELIGIBILITY - This tournament shall be open to all teams as indicated on the Application to Host approved form, comprised of properly registered youth players (as defined by the rules of USYSA or their National Youth governing body) provided such team is in good standing with its youth association.


Any team entering this tournament may include up to 6 guest players from outside their club on their roster.


It shall be the responsibility of each State Association to certify the eligibility of its competing teams and to provide such teams with a certified copy of the roster, permission to travel, and proof of insurance.


2. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY - USYSA players must be legally registered to USYSA through their respective state association according to USYSA registration requirements. All teams must have current USYSA or approved organization Player Passes, or the appropriate National Association Passes to participate. Passes must be verified, laminated and with photo attached. A player may only play on one team during the tournament.




Pursuant to Florida Statutes (FS 943.0438) Florida in 2012 enacted a very stringent Head injury and Concussion Law. If the referee (or assistant referee) believes that, in his/her opinion, a player has suffered a head injury or possible concussion, the match must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. The injured player if able to leave the field on their own must be escorted to their coach and the coach must be told that the player cannot return for the duration of the match. If a trainer is brought onto the field because the player is incapacitated, the referee must still notify the coach that the player cannot return to the game. It is the responsibility of the coach and the player's parent(s) or legal guardians to seek medical attention. The player may not resume participation until he/she has been cleared by a medical doctor. The Referee HAS NO FURTHER responsibility beyond removing the player from the match in which the player was injured. The referee crew must ensure, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES or due to the appeal from any coaching staff that the player is allowed to return to the game.






U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18/19


born on or after 1/1/13 born on or after 1/1/12 born on or after 1/1/11 born on or after 1/1/10 born on or after 1/1/09 born on or after 1/1/08 born on or after 1/1/07 born on or after 1/1/06 born on or after 1/1/05 born on or after 1/1/03


4. GAME SCHEDULE - Team pairing, field of play, times of play shall be accomplished by random draw with adjustment only to secure equity. Teams should play no more than two matches per day and will not play any back to back games. Referees shall be assigned by an approved assignor in accordance with FYSA and FSR assignment procedures.


5. PRE-GAME PROCEDURE - The Tournament Officials shall conduct all credentials checks at Registration and at the field prior to each game to insure that all players are registered with USYSA (FYSA in Florida), or other accepted US Soccer affiliations (AYSO), and to insure that all players are properly rostered with their team and that all are participating in accordance with representations set forth on the Application to Host Tournament Form.


Official USYSA (FYSA for Florida) US Club or AYSO roster forms will be validated, medical release forms presented and passes checked at the Team Check-in. The manager/ coach must be present at Team Check-in and must present the original USYSA (FYSA for Florida), US Club or AYSO roster form and 4 copies. Note: League rosters are not accepted.


Teams will be required to do a pre-tournament check-in at the beginning of the tournament. this may be the night before or the day of 1st game as determined by tournament director.


Pre-Game Check-in will be conducted as follows:


The manager/coach of each team will present a validated copy of the roster and all player passes and coaches passes.


The Referee will verify the identity of each player with each player pass and confirm that all players present are listed on the roster. All coaches will be identified with their coaches pass. All passes and the roster will be held by the Referee during the game.


Players’ uniforms and equipment will be checked and any conflict resolved.


Only at this pre-game procedure may a player be challenged by an opposing manager/coach. Challenged players will be noted by the Referee on the Referee game report, but will be allowed to participate in the game so long as they have valid, verified player passes and are listed on the validated roster.


A player who arrives at the playing field after the Pre-game procedure, may enter the game once the game officials verify the player is eligible and with the permission of the center referee. A late arriving player may be challenged at the time he is allowed to participate by the center official.


Each manager/coach or assistant must have a valid coaches pass. If a manager/coach is ejected, his assistant may conduct the team. If the assistant is also ejected or if there is no assistant, the game will be declared a forfeit and the score recorded as 4-0. In no case will the team be allowed to participate without a properly registered coach or assistant.


The tournament committee recommends souvenir patches, pins, etc. may be exchanged and group pictures may be taken at the pre-game procedure, or during the handshake after the game.


6. LAWS OF THE GAME - Except where modified herein, rules of play shall be FIFA “Laws of the Game.” Competition sanctioned by this Association shall abide by the “Laws of the Game,” along with any modifications or regulations of the Association. Players U9 and U10 must play with the rules of Development Player Program - modified playing rules for U10. U11 and U12 players must play with the rules of development player program – modified playing rules for U11 and U12.


Law I - THE FIELD OF PLAY – The minimum field dimensions, goal size and field markings shall be in accordance with LAW I.


Law II – THE BALL – The size of the ball will be as follows: AGE GROUP




#5 #4




27 – 28 25 – 26




U13 & older U12 & under


14 – 16 11 – 13


Law III – THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS – The number of players shall conform with FIFA with the following exceptions:


U13 and up on the field at any one time: eleven (11) players.


U11 and U12 on the field at any one time: nine (9) players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.


U10 AND BELOW on the field at any one time: seven (7) players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.


Substitutions - Substitution for either team shall be unlimited and may be made only with the Referee’s permission at the following times:


a. Prior to a throw-in.


b. Prior to a goal kick.


c. After a goal.


d. At half time or the beginning of overtime periods.


e. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play. Substitutes may enter field of play only after receiving permission from the referee.


LAW IV - PLAYERS EQUIPMENT - Players equipment shall meet these additional requirements regardless of the rules of their home, state or national association:


a. All players shall be required to wear protective shin guards (to be worn beneath their game socks) at all times while actively participating in the game. Such shin guards shall be of the type and style of protective athletic equipment specifically designed to protect the player’s lower leg (shin bone).


b. Teams will wear uniforms of matching design and color with six inch numbers on the backs. Players’ uniform numbers are to be affixed to the back of the uniform shirt; no two players from one team may have an identical uniform number while both are playing on the field at the same time. Where colors of competing teams are identical or similar, the designated home team must effect a change to colors distinct from their opponents’. Teams dressed in predominately black uniforms will be responsible for providing the referee and linesmen with jerseys in a color distinctly different from the uniforms worn by either competing team.


c. Goalkeeper’s Uniform: The uniform or jersey of a goalkeeper must be distinctly different in color from the basic colors of either competing team.


d. Illegal Equipment: In accordance with the Laws of the Game, the referee shall be responsible to insure that no player wears anything which may cause injury to himself or another player.


d. PLAYERS WEARING A CAST FYSA Rule 402.2 Orthopedic casts can be worn at any sanctioned FYSA tournament with written approval from a doctor and written permission from a tournament official, final judgement as to its safety is at the discretion of the referee. c.) Soft braces can be worn with written approval from a doctor, and judgement as to safety is at the discretion of the referee.


It is the policy of FYSA that no player be allowed to wear ANY jewelry while participating in any FYSA sanctioned match. The only exception that may be allowed is a medical alert bracelet or necklace when taped to the body. The referee shall make the decision as to the safety of the player and the referee’s decision is final.


LAW V - REFEREES - All referees will be U.S.S.F. currently certified. Referees are required to turn in an official game report as directed by the Tournament Committee and are required to submit an Incident Report of the names and teams of all players issued red and yellow cards and details of any other matters involving the improper or unsportsmanlike conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters.


LAW VI - LINESMEN - Two linesmen will be used for all U11 and older games. In the event the assigned linesmen fail to appear, the referee shall find an alternate. The game will be played as scheduled and will be deemed official.


LAW VII - DURATION OF THE GAME - the duration of games will be as follows pool games semis & finals overtime/mini game


U19/18 and U17 U16 and U15 U14 and U13 U12 and U11 U9 & U10


2 x 30 = 60 mins. 2 x 30 = 60 mins. 2 x 30 = 60 mins. 2 x 25 = 50 mins. 2 x 20 = 40 mins.


2 x 30 = 60 mins 2 x 30 = 60 mins 2 x 30 = 60 mins 2 x 25 = 50 mins 2 x 20 = 40 mins


2 x 5 = 10 mins then penalties 2 x 5 = 10 mins then penalties 2 x 5 = 10 mins then penalties 2 x 5 = 10 mins then penalties no overtime, directly to P.K.’s




7. CONTROL OF SIDELINE CONDUCT - Players, reserve players, managers, coaches, assistant coaches and fans are expected to conduct themselves with the letter and spirit of “THE LAWS OF THE GAME.” The site directors have the authority and responsibility to remove any person(s) from the tournament for abuses to good conduct, in addition to any specific disciplinary action brought about by other authority. In addition to the rules of good manners, these rules will apply :

The Site Director will designate one sideline to be for the sole use of players listed on the game rosters, and three managers/coaches from each team, with one team occupying one side of midfield and one team the other. While the game is in progress, the manager/coach and reserve players must remain on their respective benches and not roam the sidelines.


The Site Director will designate the opposite sideline for spectators and fans.


A restraining line shall be drawn 3 yards from the side touch-line and all sideline viewers must remain outside of that line to protect linesmen.


Managers/coaches shall be responsible for the behavior of their fans, and the referee shall have the authority to warn and ultimately send off any manager/coach/ assistant whose fans behave in an abusive or disruptive manner.


If a coach, assistant coach or manager is ejected during a game, an assistant may conduct the team. If the assistant is also ejected, or there is no assistant, the game will be forfeited. In no case shall a team be allowed to participate without a properly registered coach or assistant.


Games terminated for violent conduct or uncontrollable situations will not be replayed.


8. TOURNAMENT RULES - BEHAVIOR - The Tournament Committee shall insure that the rules of the tournament and the behavior of teams, players, coaches and spectators on the sideline is appropriately controlled.


a. The issuance of red and yellow cards will be reported on the game report along with an incident report. Disciplinary action will be suspension from game or games in the tournament. A player receiving 2 yellow cards during tournament play will not be permitted to play in the next tournament game.


b. All disciplinary measures imposed by the tournament Disciplinary Committee may be limited to placing restrictions upon an individual’s or group’s participation in the tournament; however, all decisions shall be included in the post tournament report and further disciplinary action by the FYSA or national association may be recommended c. The issuance of all red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded. All matters involving a referee assault shall be handled in accordance with USSF, which shall immediately be referred to the host state association.


d. The home state association and the home club/league of the player, coach, team, or supporters, shall, except in the case of referee assault, have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdictions, with regard to any matters arising from the tournament.


9. POST GAME PROCEDURE - We ask that as a mutual courtesy, both teams congratulate each other for a game well played.


1. The Referee will insure the return of all player passes (except red cards) to the team representative. Red cards are returned to the Site Director Desk.


2. Referee will complete the Game Report and deliver it with any incident reports to the Site Director Desk.


3. Manager/coach of both teams will confirm the score by signing the referee game report.


4. Manager/coach of both teams will insure that their sideline area is clean and that all trash is in containers.


10. DISCIPLINE It shall be solely the team's responsibility to determine the status of its players. Any suspension from a tournament, local league, etc. is the responsibility of the team to notify the tournament director of this suspension at the time of the player's check in.


Per Florida Youth Soccer Association rule 504.1-Red Card suspension or send off suspensions can only be served with the team with which the suspension was earned in games played by their team. Players may not serve suspensions as "'guest players."


Tournaments will have a Discipline committee of no less than three (3) members. The Discipline Committee will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct by players, manager, coaches, referees, spectators, etc. using the Florida Youth Soccer Association standards as set by rule Section 502.


All players and managers/coaches shall be subject to Florida Youth Soccer Association Section 502 - Discipline and Sanctions.


A player, manager, or coach ejected will have an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension regardless of the cause of the ejection.


A coach who is ejected must leave the park area immediately (out of sight and sound). Failure to comply will result in suspension from the entire event and jeopardize inclusion into future events. Suspended Coaches may be located on the spectator side of the field but may not coach or communicate with the team in any manner; players may sit with the team but may not be in uniform.


Depending on the severity of the unacceptable conduct, the discipline committee may recommend the suspension of up to the duration of the tournament with further disciplinary action by the appropriate national and State


Association, Federation or any other USSF affiliated organization. The discipline committee recommendations will be available to the affected parties no later than before their next scheduled game.


At the conclusion of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the team's coach or manager to pick up the passes from the tournament office (even if suspension has not been completed). A complete report will be sent to the Florida Youth Soccer Association Review & Discipline Committee for forwarding to the appropriate State and National Association. A complete report will be sent to Florida Youth Soccer Association Review & Discipline Committee for forwarding to appropriate State and National Association within 72 hours of the conclusion of the tournament 11. FORFEITS - U10 teams must have a minimum of four (4) players to play the match. U11 and U12 must have a minimum of six (6) players to play the match. U13 and above must have a minimum of seven (7) players to play the match.


A team shall be allowed a fifteen (15) minute grace period from the scheduled match time before awarding the game to their opponents. A team “walking off” the field during the game shall be considered to have forfeited. No team that has forfeited a game shall be eligible for semifinal or final games. (The only exception would be a team unable to make their first match due to travel restrictions, providing they have made prior notification.) A team that forfeits shall have a game score of 4-0 awarded to their opponent for a total of 3 points. If both teams fail to appear they shall both be charged with a loss and charged four (4) goals against.


12. PROTEST - There will be NO PROTESTS. All disputes will be resolved immediately by the Site Director/Tournament Director. These decisions will be final.


13. DETERMINATION OF TEAM ADVANCEMENT AFTER QUALIFYING PLAY - There will be no overtime games in qualifying play. Standings in a group will be determined by the following game points: 3 points for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss.




FIRST: Head to Head result SECOND: Net goal differential with a maximum of four goals per game. THIRD: Most goals scored up to 4 per game.


FOURTH: Most shutouts (include 0-0 ties) FIFTH: Least Goals Allowed SIXTH: Mini-Game consisting of 2 periods in accordance with LAW VII LAST: Penalty Kicks according to FIFA Taking of Kicks from the penalty mark


IF THREE OR MORE TEAMS TIE IN GAME POINTS: (except in the case of example 3 below) FIRST: Net goal differential with a maximum of four goals per game.


SECOND: Most goals scored up to 4 per game.


THIRD: Most shutouts (include 0-0 ties) FOURTH: Least Goals Allowed FIFTH: Mini-Game consisting of 2 periods in accordance with LAW VII LAST: Penalty Kicks according to FIFA Taking of Kicks from the penalty mark


Example 1: (4 Team Bracket) Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other. Team 1 has a goal differential of +6, team 2 is +4 and team 3 is +2. Team 1 is 1st, team 2 is 2nd, and team 3 is 3rd.


Example 2: (4 Team Bracket) Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other. Team 1 has a goal differential of +4, team 2 is +4 and team 3 is +2. Team 3 is 3rd, Team 2 defeated Team 1 therefore team 2 is 1st and team 1 is 2nd.


Example 3: (6 Team Bracket) Three teams have 6 points and Team 1 has defeated the other two. The Team who has beaten the other two will advance. The tie breaking procedure begins for the remaining tied teams with number 1.


14. DETERMINATION OF SEMI-FINAL (if applicable) AND FINAL GAME WINNERS - In semi-final and final games, if the game is not decided after regulation times, overtime will be played in accordance with LAW VII. If still not decided after overtime, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA “Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark.” 9U and 10U will not play overtime. They will go directly to penalty kicks if the game is undecided at the end of regulation play.


15. EXTERNAL CONDITIONS, WEATHER, ETC. - In the event unusual conditions necessitate rescheduling, curtailment, or cancellation of games, the Tournament Director shall have absolute authority to make these changes to best serve the interest of the tournament as a whole, keeping in mind the need to successfully identify winners by a certain time period.


16. AWARDS CEREMONIES – Following the completion of final games, both teams will present themselves to the awards area where individual and team awards will be presented.




1. The Tournament Committee, FYSA, and/or host affiliate will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team due to the cancellation in part or whole of this tournament


2. If not enough teams are realized within a specific age bracket, the Tournament Director shall notify the participants as soon as possible and the participants will be given the option to play up or receive a full refund.


3. Tournament entry fee returns/refunds as follows:


A. No refunds after a team is accepted. Teams accepted when full payment has been received.


B. Within five (5) days after notification that the team is not accepted by their application. B: Within five (5) days upon cancellation of the tournament.


C. Within ten (10) days of withdrawal request of the application by a team prior to acceptance of that application by the tournament.


4. The Tournament Committee, the host affiliate and the FYSA’s interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations shall be final.


5. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all tournament matters.


6. The Tournament Committee has the responsibility to uphold any previous suspension imposed by FYSA/USYSA.


7. There will be a copy of the tournament rules at all game sites


Heading Guidelines 20-21 In conjunction with US Soccer and US Youth Soccer, Florida Youth Soccer Association will be instituting a heading ban for players age 10 and younger.


In accordance with the recent U.S. Soccer recommendations on concussion risk management:


FYSA has eliminated heading in matches for player’s age 10-years-old and younger (2010-11u and younger) The guidelines apply to leagues, tournaments, and other FYSA sanctioned events that include 2010-11u and younger age group teams (2009-12U in 2020) heading will not be permitted.


Leagues and tournaments shall allow for 2009-12u heading age divisions after January 1, 2017. Leagues and tournaments will be permitted to form 2009/20010-12u non-heading divisions. (see playing up guidelines) Teams that opt for 2009-2010-12u non-heading divisions shall only participate in non-heading divisions in league play, tournaments, and all events. Sanctions will be made against teams that do not follow this guideline.

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