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Mentoring Program

Please email our Director of Coaching, Ian Brice at doc@irsoccer to be considered for this rewarding program.  All time allocated for the IRSA Mentoring Program can be recorded as Volunteer hour credits.

Calling all High School Players.........

Indian River Soccer Academy is proud to introduce its player-to-player mentoring program.

Player mentoring will be open to all High School aged players seeking to give back to their club by working with our junior players.

Enrolled players who are selected will be required to attend a weekly training session outside of their current teams set training schedule.

Players selected will be partnered with a junior team or group of players with the aim to complete but not be limited to the following duties.

Attend the designated weekly training
session with a junior player.
Demonstrate leadership skills.
 Assist in the development of the group
or individual assigned to them.
 Set high standards as a club ambassador and role model with dress code, punctuality, attendance and overall presence during the program.

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