Frequently asked questions

Developmental Soccer 

Indian River Soccer Academy holds two recreational soccer seasons per year (Fall & Spring).  Our Fall seasons begin in September of each year, our spring season starts in February. Each season consists of eight soccer games played on either Saturday mornings or an occasional Friday night at Hobart Soccer Complex. 

All recreation soccer teams are led by volunteer coaches with guidance from Indian River Soccer Academy's Professional Coaching Staff. Coaches have access to our Academy's coaching resources, ensuring that each child is learning age appropriate soccer skills. Each child in our recreation soccer program will play at least fifty-percent of each game. For our younger age groups, it's all about having fun with a soccer ball at your feet!

Where are the Recreational games played?

All games are played at the Hobart Soccer Complex.

How much is Registration?

$185 for both the Fall and Spring Recreational Soccer Seasons (including uniform).  $130 for single season registration only.

Do Recreational teams have practice sessions?

Yes, however, this schedule will depend on the volunteer coach (parent coach) regarding both time and location. Pro training Program is also available.

Can I request to have my child play

on a friends team?

All requests are considered, however, the aim is to create fair and balanced teams so everyone can have fun.

Why is team placement done by Birth Year and not School Year?

US Youth Soccer has adjusted its age grouping system to align itself with the rest of the worlds soccer governing bodies.

Who do I contact for additional information regarding the Recreational Program?

The IRSA is a 501(c)(3) corporation as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Please consult your tax advisor concerning the deductibility of your gift.

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